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Brunch In La Jolla- Day in my Life

A few weeks ago, my friends and I️ spent a day in La Jolla to treat ourselves before the stress of the end of the semester and finals. I️ wanted to capture the day in a blog post even though it’s been a while because it was a good day with good people. Here’s a day in my life of brunch in La Jolla filled with good food and good views.

Brunch in La Jolla

We started off our day with some delicious brunch. We went to Shorehouse Kitchen, which is a cute and quaint brunch place. I️ liked how open the set up was and it was a pretty short wait for a Saturday morning. I️ had chocolate chip pancakes because I️ can’t resist pancakes and they were so good. All of our food was great and I️ would definitely recommend this place for brunch!

Pancakes Shorehouse Kitchen

Mt Soledad

After brunch, we wanted to see some good views and obviously get some new pictures for the gram. We drove to La Jolla Cove but couldn’t find any parking so we went to Mount Soledad instead. I’ve been to Mount Soledad many times and I’ve loved it every time. The view of San Diego from the top is amazing both during the day and at night. It makes it better when you have friends who can take amazing pictures of you.

Day In My Life Brunch In La Jolla



I️ absolutely loved my outfit from this day! I️ wore this floral crop top that synched in at the waist. It was either from Shein or Zaful, I️ can’t remember, but I️ love it. My jeans are high waisted jeans from Kohl’s, your girl loves a good deal. For the accessories, my white bralette is from Costco, my layered necklace is from Tobi and my bracelets are from Pura Vida. I’m not the best at fashion, but I️ really liked my outfit and thought it was cute.

That’s just a sneak peek into a day in my life in La Jolla! I️ hope to post more of these throughout the summer when I️ do fun things around San Diego.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post! – Kayla

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