Junior Year Goals

I just finished my first day of classes for junior year and I can’t believe I’m halfway done with college! To get back prepared for back to school, I made a list of my junior year goals to motivate myself for the year and accomplish everything that I want to!

Junior Year Goals


Get above a 3.8 GPA

My freshman year went well in terms of classes and grades. I didn’t get the grades or GPA I hoped for sophomore year because of a large course load and some harder classes. This year, I’m taking a much lighter course load and I’m taking easier classes. I’m gonna work hard to get above a 3.8 GPA and remain on Dean’s List for my college.


Hit 1,000 subscribers

I’ve been making YouTube videos on my channel for three years now. YouTube has always been an outlet both for me to make and watch content. I currently have over 650 subscribers and I’m working hard to hit 1,000 subscribers this year. While the numbers are not what matter most on Youtube, I still think it is important to have goals to strive towards.


Post one YouTube video per week

Part of working harder on my Youtube channel is to make sure I’m posting consistently, at least once per week. This summer I have been posting twice a week, but I don’t think that will be maintainable when school starts again. I want to make sure I’m posting content I like and that I’m proud of so I would rather post less content that is better. On my channel, I post whatever my heart desires, normally things relating to lifestyle, beauty, or college.


Post one blog post per week

I started this blog to create more content and share more of myself with others. Writing has always been something I’ve loved and my blog is the perfect place to express myself through that. I want to continue my growth in my writing through my blog, so I want to be posting at least once per week. My blog should be a space that fully represents me and all that I love, do and believe.


Launch planner YouTube channel and Instagram

If you read my last blog post, you would know that my latest obsession is planning. My little in my sorority got me into this new hobby. We decided to start both a Youtube channel and Instagram for this new enjoyment of ours. On the channel and Instagram, we will be posting and sharing our weekly spreads, monthly spreads, sticker hauls and more. This year I want to launch both of these and post consistently on them as well.


Save $1,000

I am not good at saving money at all, but that needs to change. I’m halfway done with college and that means in just two years I’m going to be a real adult with much more responsibility. Part of getting older is learning how to save money for the future and not spending everything right away. While I will still spend money and treat myself, I want to work towards saving $1,000 this year.

Those are all of my junior year goals. I hope these goals motivate you to make your own for this upcoming school year. If you want more ways to prepare for back to school, check out my video here!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed! -Kayla

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