How To Successfully Study For Finals | Day 15 of Blogmas

Christmas and winter break coming up means it’s also finals season. Today, I take my first final and I finish up the rest next week. For today’s Blogmas post, I thought I would take a break from the Christmas posts and give you my tips on how to successfully study for finals.

How To Successfully Study For Finals

Study For Finals

Start studying early

The longer you push off studying, the harder it’s going to be. Get a jump start on studying for finals so you’re not overwhelmed the night before your test and end up staying up all night studying. You should start your studying about a week or two before your finals. Start slowly by working on study guides and reviewing your notes and you’ll be much calmer when it’s a day or two before the final. No one likes pulling an all-nighter so save yourself the stress by studying early.

Create a study to-do list or schedule

When you start studying early, it’s best to have a to-do list of the things you need to study. I break down all the subjects I need to study and lay out what I want to review each day. When planning out my days leading up to finals, I’ll begin scheduling times to study. I start by studying only for my first final and then I will slowly add in each┬ásubject as the final gets closer. Having a to-do list and schedule really helps me prepare to study for finals and it makes studying less overwhelming.

Don’t study for hours at a time

The worst thing you can do for yourself when studying for finals is to sit at your desk and study one subject for hours and hours at a time. When you go to study for finals, you need to break apart your studying. I can normally study for one subject well for 30 minutes to an hour. When I sit down, I plan on studying for one class for 30 minutes and then I’ll take a 5 to 15-minute break by going on my phone or reading a book. After my break, I’ll go back to studying a different subject for maybe an hour this time, take another break, and then move on to something else. No one can sit and focus for hours on one subject so it’s best to split up your studying.

Take time to relax

It’s really important to take time for yourself and relax during finals week. Finals cause everyone to get very stressed and overwhelmed. When you’re taking breaks, do something that you enjoy doing, such as watching Youtube videos, reading a book, or eating a snack. This will help calm you down and help you focus better when you go back to studying. It’s very tempting to stay up late every night in the library studying, but it’s more important to take time to relax and to get enough sleep. Stay hydrated, eat well, and sleep enough and you’ll feel alot better during finals season.

Find the best studying method for you

The same study method is not going to work for everyone. In order to successfully study for your finals, you need to find out what works best for you. I typically type up a study guide and read that through over and over again before my test or final, but this won’t work for everyone and it won’t always work for me for every subject. Test out whether flashcards work for you, whether you study better alone or in groups, or whether you study better off of a computer screen or paper.

These are all my tips on how to successfully study for finals! I hope these tips help you ace your finals. Thank you for reading!

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Merry Blogmas! -Kayla

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