Update On My Life, Involvement

Update On My Life, Why I’ve Been Gone

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down at my computer and written a blog post. I’ve missed writing and sharing so much, but I’m back now and ready to create more than ever before. In this post, I want to talk about where I’ve been and a little update on my life.

Update On My Life

School and life have been crazy this semester. I’ve mainly been away because I lost motivation and excitement for creating being so stressed about everything. I’m only taking four classes this semester, but most weeks I have over 200 pages of reading to complete. Also, I’ve had midterm after midterm these last few weeks, which have added to the stress. I’m not meaning to make excuses, but school is important and I’ve been doing really well in all my classes.

Update On My Life, School

On top of classes, I started a new job, which has been going pretty well. Also, I have multiple meetings a week for everything I’m involved in. I’ve had lots of sorority events and other things I’ve participated in at school, like our dance marathon, raising money for our local children’s hospital. Recently, we had our TEDxSDSU event, which I was the Chief Marketing Officer for! It went really well and I’m so proud of what we accomplished. With that finished, I have a little more time now to focus on my Youtube channel and blog!

Update On My Life, Involvement

That’s a quick update on what’s been going on in my life the last two months or so. I’m so excited to be back and I have lots of ideas for upcoming posts. This summer, I want to have lots of adventures and create as much as possible! When this post goes live, I’ll finally be on spring break and hopefully, I can share a post about that soon.

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Thanks for reading! – Kayla

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