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Hey guys! It’s Kayla here!

This is my first blog post! I started my own blog because I want to practice my writing skills and share more of my thoughts, feelings, and opinions with the world.

Here’s a little bit about me!

I am a sophomore at San Diego State University. I am a Journalism and Media Studies major with an emphasis in Public Relations and a member of the Gamma Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. One day I hope to be a social media manager for a company or brand.

In my free time, I like to watch NCIS, travel, and work on my Youtube channel. I also like to go to the beach, read motivational books and listen to music.

Here’s a picture of me!

What am I going to blog about?

I’m not sure what kinds of topics I’ll be blogging about quite yet, most likely a mix of things. I have many different passions and interests and I want to capture them all in my blog. I will probably write about various aspects beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and more. Also, I want to blog about crafting and maybe post some DIYS. Leave any comments with ideas of what you would like to see on my blog!

Lastly, I wanted to remind you to check out the rest of my website! You can find more about me, links to my Youtube channel videos, and a gallery of my photos and writing.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a fantastic day!


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